About the Ministry

About the Ministry


To be a leading partner in the pastoral development, and promotion of sustainable environment for improved livelihood of the Government of Somaliland people.


The mission of the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development is to promote, develop pastoral economy, conserve, protect and sustainably manage the environment and natural resources for national development.


The mandate of the Ministry of Environment & Rural Development is to develop the pastoral sector, protect, conserve and manage environment through sustainable development aimed at eradication of poverty, improving living standards and ensuring that a protected and conserved environment is available

Core Functions

  • Drafting environmental policy and supporting legislation for consideration by government.
  • Formulation of effective strategies for the effective implementation of environmental policy
  • Formulate environment awareness and promotion strategy for the ministry and its implementation and periodic review
  • Managing forest wardens and guards to ensure effective delivery of enforcement activities.
  • Ensuring implementation of forestry related policies, programs and development projects
  • Promote and regulate the sustainable and efficient production and marketing of rangelands and forest products;
  • Promote community-based rangelands and forestry conservation, management and utilization to ensure sustainable
  • To be responsible for the identification and mapping of protected areas deemed necessary to facilitate conservation and recovery of the wildlife population.
  • To maintain a protected species listed with all relevant national and international regulations and protocols in this regard.
  • To be responsible for the establishment and implementation of the necessary programs to ensure effective protection of wildlife in Government of Somaliland in a manner that is consistent existing and emerging legislation, international commitments and protocols.
  • To work with regional coordinators, rural communities, other line ministries and all other relevant stakeholders to identify how best to protect wildlife and to continuously develop, monitor and evaluate MoERD activities in these areas.

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